Christian Høgh Pedersen

Current Projects

Cooperative project to update student association's membership- and trade system.
Fightsport Køge
Board member of martial sports association in Køge. Responsible for the association's member administration, accounts and (soon) web site. Currently working to modernize the club, and readying it for social/youth projects. (Old) website link


7th (9th) Semester Project
In this report, we investigate the applicability of connectionist Reinforcement Learning (RL) to the construction of a learning agent capable of operating in a Small Scale Combat (SSC) scenario in the game Starcraft involving different unit types. First Master's semester. Download link
6th Semester Project
We propose an automatic simulation with pseudo-random behaviour for the modeling formalism of timed-arc Petri nets. To achieve this, we extend timed-arc Petri nets with the capability to calculate future behaviour in all available time points. Download link
5th Semester Project
The report contains theory for estimating poker odds, and the creation of a learning poker agent. The agent is created through the use of a Bayesian network for a decision network, and a k-nearest neighbour algorithm for learning through pattern recognition. Download link
4th Semester Project
The focus of this report is generation of optimised code. The report also documents the process of generating a compiler, named C/3-PO, which will output optimised code, as well as a programming language, named C/3. C/3-PO translates C/3 into Java bytecode. Download link
Database Project
We design and develop a prototype membership management system for a sports club, with associated database. Disclaimer: Danish. Download link